Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Finding Purpose

$1.00 at Salvation Army

I found this beauty of a  mug at the Salvation Army Store for $1.00! When I saw this perfect little gem on the dusty shelf among 70's style glassware, harvest gold-rimmed dishes, broken lamps and broken baskets, I turned it around in my hands and wondered to myself, "who would get rid of this?"
Maybe someone bought it at an art show to drink coffee out of and found it to be a bit too wide brimmed. Or maybe it didn't fit in the cabinet with the other coffee cups? Or, maybe the person traded in their ecclectic collection of mugs for a "rustic" matching set of  mugs from Pottery Barn? Maybe it was a terrible gift from someone's Aunt Edith.
I admit, I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it but it was really pretty to me, in perfect condition and.....did I mention it was only $1.00? I love these types of pieces because they are so visually pleasing.  It reminded me of another mug I bought at an art show in Connecticut that I've always adored. I'm sure I paid $20.00 for it.

$20.00 at Art Show

There was no way I was passing it up. I knew I'd find it a purpose somewhere in my life. So, I brought it home and tried drinking coffee out of it. It was a bit too wide brimmed. It didn't really fit in the cabinet with my matching ceramic mugs either.  I think it might beg for Broccoli Cheese or French Onion Soup but for now it sits on my desk at work and holds business cards, pens, and highlighters until I find it's perfect purpose.

 I think it looks happy, don't you?

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