Monday, March 19, 2012

Journal Page....In Progress

This is the journal page I started over the weekend. I started in my mixed media journal by first gluing pages together to fortify my surface. I followed with 2 layers of gesso on each page to prepare my surface. I added pages I tore out of a  book I am altering and added some torn strips of masking tape. I covered that with pastels and acrylic paint, scrubbing the covered surface with a baby wipe to blend and combine the colors.

I am really excited about the sort of vintage, old-fashioned look that is emerging from painting and pastelling over the masking tape. I went in and drew some rough flowers with black sharpie marker because I wanted to add some organic marks and lines to the composition.

I'm not sure where this is headed at this point but that's why I love Art Journaling so much. I can let it be and let it tell me where it wants to go. This helps inform my approach to any art piece I begin. I think it's getting a little muddy and is crying out for contrast. I will continue to listen to it. Stay tuned to see how this one evolves!

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