Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Inspiration Tuesday


Photo #1
I started with collaging a piece of cardboard with gesso, printed ephemera, modeling paste, acrylic paint, and charcoal

Photo #2
After I looked at the first photo next to this photo I realized I didn't like the dark under the cup, I felt the lighter colors and texture in the first photo blended and unified the composition in a better way. The black is too severe here.....

Photo #3
I added cardstock stained with ink and torn into pieces to create the window frame. I'm happy with the aged rustic look that emerged through doing this.
The scene in the window is a magazine photo torn, glued down, and worked into with pastels and charcoal. Still needs some work.
I added a torn scrap of sheet music to the foreground which I  also think balances the overall composition  and frames the cup in a more interesting way than the dark black in photo 2.
Still not liking the red section to the right. Also working out what to do with the cup.



  1. Beautiful! I love how you talk us through it.

  2. wonderful process, I love the piece! I think you`ve taken great decisions on the way!


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