Monday, May 21, 2012

Mixed Media Monday

The weekend began on a much needed creative note with the Grand Opening of Re-Invent, a gallery, studio, and innovative retail store openend by 2 young women with a great vision in Lake Forest.  Kristin Mikrut and Cecilia Lanyon met in art class when they were 11 and have been best friends for 13 years. Re-invent is a rotating gallery, innovative retail store, and working studio. I wish them every success!
The McMahonFamily (Mark, Carolyn, Elise, Meryl, and Drew McMahon and the late Franklin McMahon)  had their work on exhibit for the opening and will have their work on display through June.

Here is a link the the McMahon Art Gallery:

and here is a link to Re-Invent Gallery Facebook page:

In the meantime, I got to some painting finally after a dry spell that had me all wound up. Seems to be a recurring theme!  Life and Art have definitely NOT balanced for the past 2 weeks (Here's the score: Life: 1.0, ART: 0.0) After the gallery opening, however, I got recharged which is what I was hoping for.  I also had a low-key weekend without a lot of obligations which is rare.
I couldn't afford canvas this weekend so I started cutting up a cardboard box into different size pieces and gessoed 12 pieces, 8 of which I plan to use to create a book. (Stay tuned for that.) Hopefully it will go well!
I enjoy painting on cardboard because it is free and readily available, unlike canvas which is expensive and I have to get in the car and drive to the store to get it. I'm not lazy, it's just that I also like cardboard because it is nice to me. It  doesn't have any expectations, therefore, I am not afraid to do whatever I want to it and see what happens. It is good to explore this freedom but at the same time it is important to me to work at achieving compositions and color combinations that work.

In process:
Gessoed cardboard, collage, acrylic paint, pastels.  UGH. Too RED. Looks like war. The song "Red Skies" by the Fixx snuck into my head and wouldn't go away until.........

I painted over it....added green and allowed the red to show through. Better, I think. But this is a background. What is the focal point going to be?  At this point I'm asking it to tell me what it wants to be. It did not answer.
 But, as with everything in life, it can't be forced. The answer will come.

Part of the answer came: As much as I enjoy working large, the folds in the cardboard were making it difficult for me to see this as one large piece. I kept seperating it into 3 sections with my eyes. So......
.......I cut the sides off. Long narrow compositions are interesting so I will find something to do with these. In the meantime, still waiting for the subject matter to reveal itself to me.....check back later this week to see the progress!

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