Tuesday, May 29, 2012


acrylic, pastel, liquid graphite on canvas

I'm reluctant to describe this piece in terms of specific symbolisms because I wasn't thinking about putting things here or there for any symbolic reasons when I painted it. What does amaze me, is that when I stepped back, I realized that is very much a reflection of my emotions and inner world. Sometimes we can't explain how we are feeling or why.  The more desperate we feel, the harder it is to articulate our feelings.

That's why I make art.

As I try to look at this piece with a subjective eye, I think to myself, if anyone ever asked me why I chose "("trees", "sun", "white background", or "just what the heck is that blob running down the right side?") for this piece, I could probably come up with the requisite answers that would satisfy inquiring artistic minds.
And although I know academically I am supposed to employ a certain thought process to beginning a piece, I didn't do that here.

 Maybe no one in a million years  would ever ask me about this piece.
Maybe it isn't worth it. Maybe it isn't even a "piece". Maybe it is a "cliche"

Maybe some will react to it and relate to it.

I believe art is a response to life and it's experiences. That's how it is for me and that's why I've been driven to attend to it in my life now.
 As an artist, however, the emotions I choose to express, should contain a universal thread. 
 I hope I've accomplished that here.

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