Sunday, June 3, 2012

Encaustic effects with Acrylics Progression

I've been busy exploring the possibilities of using Acrylic paints and Gel Mediums to create an encaustic effect but my skills are obviously very green. It didn't help that the tutorials I was trying to watch weren't streaming well and I got frustrated and decided to just try my own thing. As a result, this experiment is going in lots of directions but I'm having fun with the materials and trying to remain mindful (always) of the composition.
I've used a variety of mediums here including Matte Heavy Gel, different color tissue papers, acrylic paint, acrylic paint thinned to a stain, string, and a couple of metallic paints (gold guache and bronze patio paint) rubbed into some of the textures which I thought created a neat effect.
I think I've exhausted the mediums and it is time to think about subject matter.
I'm stuck.

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