Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Gift of Time

This is where the "balance" part comes into play in my blog.....Today I took the day off from work and  enjoyed the gift of time with Katie as we are in between (there's that theme again) school and camp this week. 
We slept in and started our day at a nice, slow pace. What a treat!
Katie had a breakfast of waffles with nutella and I ate a piece of...ok, well, leftover pizza. (Still working on balancing my meals but that's a whole different blog post.....)
Then we were off to the mall (ugh) for shoes for camp.
To make it fun, we parked at Outdoor World and walked through the store to the mall, paying a visit to the pontoon boat display. I laughed to myself when I caught a sales person lingering nearby, probably wondering if this woman and her daughter were serious about possibly purchasing a pontoon boat today. 

Katie, at the wheel

Mommy, gloriously un-put-together

Fun at Claire's.....

Lunch at the Food Court. Sbarro's pizza, of course

Pure joy is what is found in the moments we are In Between.

Even if it is at the mall.

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