Monday, June 4, 2012

Between Losses

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Here is a poem I found in a Collection of Women's Poetry called Claiming the Spirit edited by Marilyn Sewel.
I've always said that life is what happens in between the tragedies so take the good moments and cherish them.
For anyone who has suffered loss in their life, it is a poem that sums up the moments in between grief and loss.

Between Losses

Judy Goldman

There is a time between losses,
days with blank pages, when clapping
is permitted and singing and dancing,
even the kind of madness that tells you to wear fireflies in your hair.
I am talking about the time
when no one is dying
and journeys are something to be planned for.
It is nothing like your dreams
which only remind you
of the strangeness of things,
I mean the dreams of the night,
not the dreams you are born with.
Sometimes it takes awhile
before you can say the names of the ones
who have left, before you can be sure
nobody else is thinking of turning away.
This morning you slide in beside me
and as I listen to you breathe
I think of our wedding
and the two young people
who ran down the steps of my parents' house.
We thought that day was a conclusion.
Nobody told us it was simply a time
between losses, when rice was something
to be held in the hand
before letting it fly for the camera.

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