Tuesday, June 19, 2012

“Invisible threads are the strongest ties”

“Invisible threads are the strongest ties”
Friedrich Nietzsche

Michelle O'Connor Sketchbook

How do you find Joy in the Ordinary?

I've done a lot of talking about me in my blog, Dinner and Drawing. Today I really want to turn it over to my readers for comments.  I've made some wonderful connections through writing and sharing my story and now I'd love to entertain your thoughts, comments and discussions!

Do you ever feel like you look around your life and wonder, "is this all there is?" I definitely do. Whether due to personal experiences or the proverbial mid-life crisis, it can really wear a girl down.

I've recently been revisiting a wonderful book by Sarah Ban Breathnach's called Romancing the Ordinary, A Year of Simple Splendors.
If you haven't read it, it is a great book to pick up and keep by your bedside to read upon turning in at night or waking in the morning.

Here is an excerpt:

"our bliss-blocking mosaics are highly developed and very personal. Made up of rogue bad habits, these soul snatchers specialse in changing identity as soon as we recognise the. But I have infiltrated their high command. Often it takes one ignoramus to catch another.

Wanting what you cant have
Not wanting what you do have

Seeing the world as hostile
Believing life is hard
Over reliance on outside circumstances to initiate change
Believing that money is the answer
Believing you're unlucky
Believing that things will never change for the better

Not eating well
Not exercising
Not listening to your body
Continuously finding fault with your body
Feeling unworthy of happiness, love, success
Not knowing who you are
Not knowing what you love
Not recognising addictive behaviour patterns or dependence
Workaholism in the name of getting ahead or staying on top of things

Lack of humour
Inability to laugh at oneself
Shyness in social situations
Lack of spontaneity
Thinking you're too inexperienced
Pretending that you're more experienced or worldly than you are

Believing the world will fall apart if you're not holding it together
Inability to ask for or receive help
Inability to be part of a team

Inability to say no gracefully
Needing to please
Seeing everything as competitive
Confusing being argumentative with being articulate
Always needing to be right

Putting others down so you feel superior
Not trusting your intuition
Not following your dreams
Believing other people's second guesses are better than you first

Making promises you dread
Making promises you know you won't or can't keep
Making promises to keep the peace

Thinking that worrying will make it better

Inability to relax

Confusing fatigue and laziness
Inability to self-motivate
Surrounding yourself with negativity
Remaining in toxic relationships

Setting unrealistic expectations for yourself
Setting unrealistic expectations for others

Looking at the world and life through the lens of lack
Lack of curiostiy
Lack of faith
Lack of wonder
Lack of gratitude

Quite amazing to think that all of these bliss blockers have become so familiar we don't even notice them. this week pick just one bliss blocker (start with the one that made you wince when you read it) and see if you can exchange these controlling habits with those of contentment"


Hmmmmm.......I think I've entertained every one of these little Soul Snatchers.....
But I am happy to say I have already picked one thing from the list and changed it this week. "not getting enough exercise". I've dragged my lazy butt out of bed 2 days in a row now and gone for a 25 minute walk. 

So, here's a question: What inspires you? Are you a visual person? An audio person? Do you like things symmetrical? Assymetrical? Colorful? Black and White? Do you love music? Quiet moments?
What are the things that bring on your major moments of joy? The kind that make your heart beat, your head soar, your very physical body feel lifted up into the air?

And now the harder question, if it's been a while since you've felt this way (TRULY felt this way) what are you going to do about it?

I invite you to share your thoughts....


  1. Hey Michelle! It's been awhile since I've stopped by your blog, my husband and I adopted a baby! I love this post, very insightful. I think I've done just about every one of those "bliss blockers". Things have settled down a little bit post adoption, so that I'm trying to get going on my art again. I hope you are doing well. Would love to see what you've been working on lately.

    1. Congratulations on the adoption! And thank you for stopping by! Motherhood is an inspiring time, for sure! I've done so many of these bliss blockers myself as well. It makes a difference to recognize and change even just a few!
      I put my blog on hold over the summer and am revamping it a bit. Thanks for hanging in there and stay tuned as I try to share some inspiration with you!


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