Sunday, June 17, 2012

Out of my Element

Since my mom started chemotherapy in January, she has had to temporarily put her pet sitting business on hold. I didn't want her to lose her clients because I know the time will come when she can get back to it (and her clients are the most wonderful people!) So, in the meantime, I have covered some of her sitting jobs. This weekend was one of them. I am hanging out with a beautiful black Labradoodle named Ozzie.
It has been such a pleasure to spend the weekend with him. He is such a great companion, fun and so smart!

The Oz-Man

Spending time away from my house and studio forced me to make some decisions about how I want to do my art while I'm away. I obviously can't be throwing paint and paste and gels around at someone else's house. Here's what I decided to bring with me this weekend:

Koi Watercolors, watersoluble crayons, assortment of drawing pencils, graphite, and charcoal, drawing pens, color carbon pencils, my art journal, and a sketchbook.
  It's an excellent opportunity to slow down and take some time to sketch and doodle. It's good practice! It also "fills the well" (one of my favorite expressions) with ideas to draw upon later and provides an opportunity to work with things I don't usually gravitate towards in the studio so it challenges my comfort zone.

Vessels done in Watersoluble Crayon

Saturday afternoon, my mom was feeling good so she came to visit me and to say hi to Ozzie, her canine buddy (they're very close) As we sat and chatted I played around with Neocolor II watersoluble crayons. I did this in about an hour and it wasn't meant to be perfect.  These crayons are really cool. They are not waxy so you can use water with them to soften and blend colors. These just might be one of my favorite new mediums!

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful Dad's out there
Happy Father's Day to my husband, Katie's uncles, my father in law and my dad (rest in peace)
Happy Anniversary to my parents, this would have been their 45th wedding anniversary! 

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