Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Seasons of the Soul

September is my favorite month of the year.  September arrives as summer and departs as fall but is dangerously unsure of itself in the middle.
It is a necessary energy merging seasons together and pushing the year forward.
 It is  new and old, warm and cold. 
Hoodies with shorts.
Jeans with flip flops.

September is authentic. A force of it's own, standing in between, creating something on either side of itself. Merging past with present and pushing it into the future.

It's a crazy lady. Impulsive, fierce and gentle, needing to push forward
 but not able to completely let go.

I thank September for it's edginess and for gifting me the time to prepare to be prepared.
To gather what I need creatively and spiritually from this time and store it up in my soul.
 The drama of September's warm days, cool nights, clear blue skies, and violet twilights heighten my senses and give me food for thought. The golden sunshine of September days invites me
 to be still and look, listen, and be inspired.
Crisp chilly nights remind me to close the windows and take care of myself.
 I savor the soul nourishing energy and beauty that naturally flows from September and tuck it under my pillow for the long, cold, dark winter when a glass of wine doesn't always make it better.

My inner self and outer self stand back to back and push up against each other like Summer against Fall creating energy that doesn't necessarily define me but is essential for the birth
 of who I am to become.
 Like September, my authentic self lies between the seasons of my soul.

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