Sunday, March 31, 2013

Embracing Change

Why is change so hard? Often change comes to us as something that is beyond our control that we have no choice but to accept and adapt to. Sometimes, we experience an inner voice calling us to change something about our life, our behavior, our way of thinking. Sometimes it's subtle and imperceptible and sometimes change comes barreling at us like an avalanche, taking our entire world down with it and we survive the destruction but are forever changed.

In whatever way we experience change, we should try to find the silver lining in it, take away something positive from it. Learn and gather information for our journey.

I'm experiencing change in my life and I try to use my art to center me and help me through the process.

I've spent a year reacquainting myself with art. Re-learning how paint works and what I can do with it. Re-learning how to craft a composition that works. Learning how to incorporate it into my life and make time for it.

Today, I needed to do something different. I needed to take what I've been doing with my art to the next level. I've been wanting to find a new way to use my acrylic paints to create a new effect (new to me, anyway). I decided to do something very simple and I was excited about the results.
I first sketched out an idea, then mixed my paint. Then, I diluted my paints with water (simple!) to create glazes.

Glazes allowed me to create many transparent layers and thicknesses which created a depth that I was looking for in my abstract compositions.

It's something new for me, a change that I will work with until it's time to move to the next level.

Work in Progress
Michelle O'Connor, Mixed Media on Canvas

Just like with the changes in life (especially the messy ones) we have to gather the scattered pieces and collect them in our "vessels" (see ) in order to sort out and order everything so that it makes sense to us.
Making changes is really hard but ask yourself why?
Sometimes when you look at the way your life is, it isn't where you want to be. Maybe it's not a good place for you to be. Maybe continuing to do things the way you're doing them even though you're in your comfort zone, is holding you back.
Maybe a little change will take you to the next level where you will find unexpected gifts that you couldn't have ever imagined finding.


  1. Love the piece, but I loved the writing more. My life is on the brink of very big changes, and it's very exciting and very scary. Thanks for writing!

  2. Thank you for your reply! Change is scary but I find that most of the time it's positive if you stay open to the learning that is intrinsic in change! It's not always easy. Sometimes you just need to breathe and let it in. Be patient with yourself and allow things to process. Keep what is essential & important to your present journey and leave the rest behind. Good luck to you!


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