Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Vessel for Your Journey

Vessels have always been important objects in everyday life. Culturally, vessels have been made from a variety of materials to carry and store a lot of different things and vessels almost always contain their creator's own signature style.
Vessels were made to carry essential things we need for nourishment and survival like wood for fire, vegetables and grains, and water to drink. Today, vessels still serve a vital purpose in our survival but beautiful and reliable, also offer a pretty place to put the messes in our lives so that they are orderly, organized, and safe. Vessels hold that which nourishes us and transform our everyday messes into beauty.

A vessel from my home, given to me by my mom

In our lives, we are vessels, posessing our own style and ability to carry things both literally and figuratively. We are vessels in our relationships for love, friendship, and trust. In good times, our vessels fill up with love and joy. In bad times we offer ourselves as vessels to our friends when they are in crisis and need to talk, providing them with a place to set their worried thoughts aside while making their way through confusing times.

With so many around me facing challenging life situations, I write today with somewhat of a heavy heart, looking for a vessel of my own in which to place the worries I've been given to hold on to until it's time to give them back or toss them out, knowing that as we move forward in our journies, what we keep ultimately, are the lessons we learn along the way.

Untitled 9" x 12" Mixed Media on Canvas

For now I will say take all you've gathered and learned, dig deep, and be strong. You will make this journey. You already carry everything you need.

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