Sunday, April 28, 2013

Putzing Around

Happy Sunday! I did a lot of putzing-around today.
 Lots of internet exploring...
 I added some links and other fun stuff to the blog, worked with some new mediums, and tried out a variation on a glue technique I read about on this blog:(    )
It is still drying so I don't have anything to show for it yet!
I pulled out a board book I started a while ago and worked on it a bit.
My creative flow feels a bit blocked today. I take it as a sign that today isn't a day to accomplish things but rather, a day to chill and reflect.

Children's board books make great Altered Books - I pick them up at the thrift inexpensive!
This one was a Clifford book. Board books are great because they are very sturdy and hold up to a lot of layering and different mixed media.

Then I just paint, glue, and collage freely until I'm happy. Shown here: the hearts are part of the glue technique I'm trying out. They are still wet but once they dry, I want to try to paint over them and then close the book to create a mirror image of them on the other side. We'll see what happens.

This is another page in the same book that I stamped and collaged with a catalog cut out and some old sheet music.

As promised, more artsy links!
Please be kind and share!


  1. Oooooh..... SUCH a great idea about the board books! I'm totally going to pick some up the next time I go to the thrift shop...

  2. I LOVE IT Michelle! :]
    Altering books are soooo much fun, aren't they?
    Board books are the best, when handling a mixed media project like this... looks great!

    **thank you for sharing.


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