Ever since I was 8 years old and I got my first Diary with a lock on it, I have loved writing and drawing in a journal. I wrote in journals until my love for art grew and then I began keeping sketchbooks & art journals. Now, I'm obsessed with Art Journaling and Mixed Media Art and that is why I started creating my own journals. I've heard many people say "I can't draw" and "I don't have any artistic ability" but I beg to differ. Even if your forte isn't making art, most people respond in some way to vibrant visual imagery. After over 20 years of pursing my business life, I am turning back to my love for art through art journaling, taking workshops, opening an Etsy shop where I sell journals I make and other creative things, and seek to connect with all of you in the creative community all over the world.

I'll tell you a little bit more about myself as I'm sure my story resonates with all of you because I think we all find ourselves dealing with the dark side of life as we get older and its hard and difficult and exhausting and leaves us feeling depleted. So for me, over a period of about 10 grueling years, a succession of difficult losses in my  life led me to  re-asses my priorities. Life is too short to live it feeling restless and unhappy. It was time to stop feeling frustrated, unfulfilled, and longing for my authentic self and start building the foundation for the creative life I wanted to live. As a result of the recession and going through a period of financial hardship, we had to sell our house. We moved into a smaller townhouse. Now, I could have looked at this as a bad thing (and it wasn't easy) but what happened was cathartic. It forced me to set up my studio space in the master bedroom. What this did was put my creativity in front of my face constantly.  I couldn't resist having paint and markers out all the time and making marks on blank pages even if I could only muster 10 or 15 minutes a day. I discovered Art Journaling and it has been the most fulfilling creative process I know.

And frankly, turning 40 and looking at my life, wondering where time was going, and asking the question, "What do I want to be when I grow up?" The answer was always in front of me: An Artist. I want to be an Artist. I want to live a Creative Life, I want to connect and learn from other creative people, and I want to help others who may have been like me find creativity in their lives.

In my journal covers and artwork, you will find layering of color and texture, female imagery, circles, spheres, and a message of hope, courage, strength, and love.

We all face challenges in life. The point is how we respond to them. Creativity never stops growing and in an Art Journal you can create without fear and build a visual diary of your life while the process heals you.

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