Welcome to the Under $5 shop. I try to be as environmentally conscious  as I can so when it comes to paper cutoffs and scraps, I always stop and think about what I could do with the leftovers rather than discarding them in the trash.  More often than not, my cutoffs are the right size to make bookmarks and smaller mini journals. Also, when I am working on new ideas or trying out new materials, trial and error are a necessary part of the process. Though imperfections are inherent in handcrafted pieces and artwork, I can't justify offering pieces created as part of my product development process  at the same price as those pieces that have been fully developed and honed into more of a "finished" product that isoffered in the shop regularly. 

But that doesn't mean they can't be used and enjoyed!  

These items are frequently added to the $5 and under shop for you to explore and pick up. If you are someone who doesn't mind minor flaws (a bent o-ring for example) then visit this shop frequently to see what is for sale for $5.00 or less!

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